IYS will accept youth with a primary Intellectual Disability {MR (IQ 50-70)} diagnosis +/- a secondary Mental Illness to include but not limited to:

Autism Disorders, Behavior/Conduct Disorders, Major Depression, Delinquent/Court Involvement, Emotional Disturbance, Family Related Needs, Incarcerated Parents, Learning Disabled, Physical/ Emotional Abuse/ Neglect, Poor Academic Performance, Runaway, Sensory Impairments, Sexually Abused, Speech/Language impairments and youth under the care of parents who are Substance Abusers.

Requirements for Admissions

Should you decide to make a formal application for services; an admissions staff member will help you through the process. In order to assist the admissions team in making a decision of appropriateness of fit, we would like to have the following information:

  • School history, including a current IEP – Individual Education Plan
  • Medical history, current medications, physical & immunization records
  • Treatment history (if appropriate)
  • Recent psychological evaluation
  • Discharge summaries from previous placements
  • Psychiatric report (if applicable)
  • Social history including both family and developmental history
  • Individual family service plan (if applicable)
  • Educational, speech, occupational and physical therapy evaluations (if appropriate)
  • Dental, Medical, Mental Health exam dates and or upcoming appointments
  • Insurance information
  • Most current ISAR (if applicable)
  • -TB test/results within 30 days prior to admissions